lundi 12 juin 2017

Super Ensemble Nemours Jean Baptiste - Haiti Cumbia (Haiti, 1970, Marc Records)

Born on the 2 of February 1918 in Port-Au-Prince (Haiti), Jean-Baptiste Nemours was one of the most important figures of the Haitian musical scene.

He was member of many Haitian orchestra's (Jazz Guignard, Trio Atomique..) before founding his own in 1953, the "Ensemble aux Calebasses" (he will change the name of the orchestra later in 1958 for "Ensemble Nemours Jean-Baptiste" and in 1963 for "Super Ensemble Nemours Jean-Baptiste").

With his Ensemble, they are supposed to have invented the "Kompa Dirèk", later shortened to "Kompa" (compas) musical style.

Jean-Baptiste Nemours died the 18 of May 1985 in Port-Au-Prince.

I decided to present you "Haiti Cumbia", a latin song played with a lovely Haitian touch and Biguine reminiscences - Enjoy !

Super Ensemble Nemours Jean Baptiste - Haiti Cumbia

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mercredi 7 juin 2017

Liza Ngwa - Alima (Cameroun, 1980, Editions Drums)

Liza Ngwa was a folk singer and guitar player from Yaoundé (Cameroon), who released 2 albums in the 70's.

She was also involved into different forms of art (sculpture, dress-making, sport..) and cultural performances (theater performances, concerts..).

I decided to make you (re)discover "Alima", a very unique UFO-esque folk song with psychedelic bikutsi and cadence reminiscences, taken from her second album recorded in 1980.

Liza Ngwa - Alima


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